Solid State

Pharma Inc.

Solid State Pharma Inc. is a leader in the delivery of crystallization engineering services including screening and selection of polymorphs, co-crystals, salts, and crystallization process development and optimization. SPPI has experienced great success with our workflows that have been developed by combining fundamentals of crystallization and solid form science with years of experience and high throughput techniques.



Polymorph Screening


Identifies the most stable and most viable polymorph for development as a drug candidate.


Salt Screening and Selection


Rapidly identifies a viable salt with minimum number of experiments. This helps discovery scientists to produce a workable salt in precilinical phases where the lead candidate has not been selected.


Crystal Formation


Finds a crystalline state for drug substances which are amorphous and difficult to crystallize.

Our Team

Our approach to all client interactions is governed by our commitment to integrity and quality. We strive to deliver clear reliable results to our clients and to continue to exceed their expectations at every stage of the business relationship. Our technical staff have successfully completed more than 500 projects and published more than 50 journal articles, patents, and patent applications on crystallization engineering and solid form science.