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Scientist Position (or higher)

Company Overview

Solid State Pharma Inc. is a leader in the delivery of crystallization engineering services including screening and selection of polymorphs, co-crystals, salts, and crystallization process development and optimization. SPPI has experienced great success with the workflows that have been developed by combining fundamentals of crystallization and solid form science with years of experience and high throughput techniques. SSPI is conducting research on pharmaceutical crystallization engineering, polymorph screening, salt screening, co-crystal screening, chiral resolution, polymorph quantification, converting amorphous material to crystalline solid, chemical and crystallization process modeling.


“Scientist” position is a key contributor to the ongoing research at SSPI reporting to senior scientist or director. “Scientist” will contribute through conducting solid form screening experiments, characterizing the resulting materials, performing crystallization process development for active pharmaceutical ingredients and natural products through utilizing the physical chemistry knowledge and hands on experience. It is expected to have 70-80% lab work.

Job Responsibility

  • Design and perform high throughput polymorph screening, salt screening, solubility measurement and characterization under direction of senior scientist or director
  • Design and perform crystallization process development, under direction of senior scientist or director, to achieve desired polymorph and specifications while meeting the specs
  • Characterize the generated samples using X-ray Powder Diffraction (XRPD), Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Thermal Gravimetry Analysis (TGA), Liquid Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), dynamic vapor sorption (DVS), Optical Microscope, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Particle Size Analyzer and HPLC
  • Record all the details of experiments and analytical data
  • Analyze data that are obtained from experiments and draw conclusions
  • Use Deign of Experiment (DOE) software to perform statistical analysis of generated experimental data
  • Write high quality weekly and final reports
  • Routinely present the project results to the team through teleconference
  • Follow the safety rules and housekeeping principles to maintain the working around clean and safe
  • Other responsibilities as assigned

Education & Experience

MSc (1-3 years related experience),  PhD (0 year), in chemistry, chemical Engineering or related in the areas of crystallization engineering, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, solid state characterization or organic chemistry. Previous experience in crystallization science and engineering is a plus.

People with more experience are encouraged to apply as the title could be adjusted.


  • Laboratory techniques for conducting wet chemistry experiments
  • Knowledge of XRPD, DSC, TGA, STDA, SEM, DVS, NMR, HPLC and particle size analyzer is a plus
  • Knowledge of crystallization engineering and solid form screening principles is a plus
  • Knowledge of Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) tools is a plus. Specifically, FBRM, React-IR and PVM
  • Knowledge of statistical Design of Experiment (DOE) is a must
  • Experience with DOE software, e.g. Design Expert is a plus
  • Ability to use Microsoft office software is a must
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to present the result are required

Physical Demands

While performing the responsibilities of the job, the employee is required to talk, hear, see, stand, walk, sit, smell and use hands and fingers, to handle or feel. The employee is occasionally required to pick up ordinary weights.


Closing date

Open till filled


Contact information

Please e-mail your CV and cover letter describing why you are an ideal candidate: